Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM Module To Transform Your Design Process

Streamline your design and production workflows with the powerful PLM module in the A2000 ERP system. 


Designed specifically for apparel companies, our PLM module integrates seamlessly with your processes to enhance efficiency and creativity.

Enhance Creative Integration

Easily import sketches or use images directly within the ERP system, enabling quick visualization and collaboration. Automated tech packs ensure that every detail is meticulously documented, reducing errors and saving time. 


With these capabilities, your design team can focus more on creativity and less on administrative tasks. This integration not only enhances the accuracy of product specifications but also accelerates the transition from concept to production.

Streamline Design and Sample Management

Leverage our vendor portal to manage requests, approvals, calendars, and style approvals effortlessly. This centralized platform simplifies communication with suppliers and partners, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that deadlines are met. 


Additionally, create professional look books and line sheets with ease, enhancing your marketing and sales efforts. By having a unified platform for all these activities, your team can maintain consistency in branding and streamline the overall approval process.

Boost Efficiency and Speed

Our PLM module also streamlines sample management, including lab dips and testing requirements, ensuring that your designs meet the highest standards. The system efficiently tracks the progress and status of samples, making it easier to manage and meet quality requirements. 


By increasing the speed of the design process, you can bring new products to market faster, staying ahead of the competition and responding swiftly to market trends. 

This increased agility allows your company to adapt quickly to customer demands and industry changes, ensuring sustained success and growth.

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