Team Experience

The leadership team at A2000 ERP software brings over a century of combined experience in the apparel, footwear, and home goods industries, equipping them with a profound understanding of client needs and challenges. Having steered the company for over 20 years, these industry veterans have established A2000 as the benchmark for enterprise resource planning software in these sectors. Throughout its history, A2000 has cultivated strong relationships with its clients, ensuring a deep alignment with their evolving business requirements.


This long-standing presence and expertise not only set industry standards but also foster trust and reliability among users worldwide.

Team Experiece

Over 500 leading brands in the apparel, footwear, and home goods sectors trust A2000 ERP to manage their operations effectively. This widespread confidence stems from our exceptional customer service and the deep industry knowledge possessed by our leadership team, who ensure our software solutions meet the specific needs of these businesses. 


A2000 ERP stands out by offering all necessary modules in one comprehensive package, simplifying the complexities of enterprise resource planning for our clients. This integration allows companies to streamline their processes, making A2000 the go-to solution for brands looking to enhance efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

James Gottlieb


In 1997, James, with his rich background in software development and his insight into the critical role of robust software within an organization, recognized a pressing need for an ERP system uniquely tailored to the specialized demands of the fashion sector. This realization inspired him to initiate the creation of A2000 Software, meticulously crafted to address these industry-specific challenges. His extensive experience in software development was critical in developing a product that swiftly set a new standard in the market.


Under James’s guidance, A2000 has not only adapted to the changing needs of the fashion industry but also consistently led the way in ERP technological advancements. Now in its 27th version, the software showcases an ongoing commitment to innovation and user-focused design. Its comprehensive features and dependable performance make it an essential asset for companies aiming to optimize their operations and maintain a competitive edge. 


James’s forward-thinking leadership and deep engagement with both the software and fashion sectors have propelled A2000 to become an indispensable tool for modern fashion enterprises, continually meeting their complex requirements.

Carene Wallace

Executive Vice President

Carene Wallace brings an unparalleled depth of experience to her role, with over 40 years spent mastering every facet of software development and the soft goods industries, including apparel, home furnishing, and footwear. Her comprehensive expertise spans from software design to implementation, and extends to consulting and training, making her a vital asset to any project she undertakes. This extensive background has been instrumental in evolving A2000 Software into the robust and industry-leading ERP system it is today.


Carene’s commitment to operational efficiency and customer care has been the cornerstone of her approach, guiding her interactions and strategic decisions. This focus has not only enhanced the functionality and user-friendliness of A2000 Software but has also cemented trust among our clients. They rely on her deep industry knowledge and dedication to delivering tailored solutions that meet their specific business needs.


As a result, Carene has not just contributed to the software’s development; she has shaped the very foundation of its success and the success of the companies it serves.

Debbie Douglas

Vice President

Debbie began her career at a prominent wholesale apparel company, where she played a pivotal role in defining and implementing innovative systems throughout the organization. With nearly three decades of experience in the wholesale market, Debbie made a strategic shift to the software industry.  Since then, she has successfully managed and implemented systems for hundreds of companies, ranging from emerging enterprises to high-profile clients.



Known for her kind nature and deep expertise, Debbie excels in building trust with her clients. She dedicates time to thoroughly understand their organizational structures and needs, ensuring a tailored experience that maximizes efficiency and significantly reduces startup time for each company.

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