Seamless Integrations
Seamless Integrations
Manage sales channels and currencies
B2B portals & B2C connectors

The A2000 System’s focus is to increase profitable omnichannel sales. All sales channels and currencies can be managed within A2000.

  • Order entry is automated from EDI, your e-commerce sites, as well as your partner e-commerce sites.
  • A2000 mobile sales pad which runs on any tablet.

The system and/or sales pad provide order and inventory visibility, available to sell, customer history, and dashboards to sell more.

B2B portals & connections to increase sales
  • Sales reps and customers have access to the portal and can order online.
  • Log in securely to see available styles, on order, order status and credit status.
  • Sales reps will also be able to review commissions.
Vendor Web Portals
Collaboratively online

Develop styles and tech packs from costing and sample requests to production management, and shipment without email. A2000’s Vendor web portal also gives you the ability to track your order status.

A personal stylist helping his customer
More choices in security and flexibility — local server or cloud-based installation is available with GCS A2000 ERP software:

The A2000 software solution installs in a way that fits your business model.

We know you have unique needs and requirements, and we provide our software to you in a fashion that best suits your overall needs.

Whether it’s a full onsite system implementation, a hosted version or a SaaS model, our team delivers.

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Upgrades Included!

Every business — even in the fashion industry which is so creative — runs on data. You’re only as good as your data is fast and accurate! The A2000 software meets the latest EDI, UPC, and ASN label compliance requirements of major trading partners, with upgrades included as part of your service plan.

A2000 software’s EDI module includes AS2, flat file exchange, which means doing more business through efficient business practices.

A2000 EDI schedulers automate EDI tasks and alert you to exceptions, helping you to ship on time.​​

No third party EDI required as A2000 has its own EDI translator built into the system.

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